Monday, 5 May 2014

A day in the life - Monday

Hi all, long time no blog huh?

I was reading someone's blog the other day and they listed all that they had done all day, and it seemed like a neat idea, since lately I am not sure what I have been doing all day - it sometimes seems like lots of nothing.

So I figured I could also incorporate my To Do list and check things off as they are finished, so that I can see what I have actually accomplished each day.

So without further ado...

7:00 alarm goes off, I go and get Peanut out of J's bed to put her out. I pack his lunch, that I remembered to make last night. I make him an omelet  as he has started wanting eggs each morning. Between his 2 per day and my 2 (sometimes more if I have boiled eggs at lunch), we are using a lot of eggs each week. I wish we could raise laying hens but it is not allowed in this area. Then I go wake him up, and then yell up the stairs at least 3 more times before he actually gets up to eat a cold omelet.

7:30 Next I make my coffee with coconut oil, today I used the blender to make it frothy, it was yummy!

Then to watch Breakfast television until it is time for J to leave for school. During all this K got his things together and left for work by 7:30. J leaves at 7:45. 

I check Facebook and my addicting Hobbit game on my tablet. Spent too much time on the Hobbit game today, you see I have 2 cities in each of 2 world and I have to farm (rob) other cities to get resources to train armies and build my city so I can farm bigger cities for resources...wash, rinse, repeat :P 
Hey I can't let my virtual cities die now can I?!

9:00 Make & eat my breakfast

9:30 Take food waste bag out to garage bin

To Dos for today

Get dressed at some point
Laundry (I did J's yesterday) Did 2 loads
Bake banana muffins (have thawed bananas in fridge for 2 days so far :P) And ate 3!
Get garbage & recycling out of office, garbage day is tomorrow (its been piling up)
Hamburger rice for dinner, K's to be stuffed into red peppers about to spoil (I don't like peppers)
Package & freeze chicken breasts in fridge
Package and freeze ground beef in fridge
Make J's lunch for tomorrow
Put away clean dishes
Wash dishesThen dirtied a bunch more
Work on current craft project

9:45 - 10:30 Work on blog post, get dressed, read blogs, surf the net, decide what to tackle 1st.

11:00-2:00 Started a load of laundry, had leftover pasta salad for lunch, watched a couple shows I had taped.

2:00-4:00 Made 20 banana muffins, washed dishes, 2nd load of laundry, worked on current craft project a bit, watch another recorded show with J..

4:00-7:00 Started dinner, washed dishes, ate dinner, then made J's dinner (he didn't like what we had), watched news, made J's lunch, packed up dinner leftover, enough for tomorrow Yeah!

Relax time, I am tired :)