Sunday, 3 August 2014

Meet Bentley

Last Sunday we picked up Bentley - he was 2 days shy of being 8 weeks old.

Peanut was wary of him at first but now likes him, as long as he isn't biting her - he is biting everything!

Kodi wants to play with him, but forgets how big he is himself and wants to hop like Bentley does.

Bentley checking out Kodi

Playing with Peanut - he gives as good as he gets!

Playing TUG

Peanut TUGGING Bentley across the floor

Trying to bite Kodi's ear

Being checked out by Peanut & Kodi

Trying to bite Kodi's wagging tail

All tuckered out from all that play


Cindy Ullman said...

awe he is such a cutie !!!!!! and i just love his name

Gabe and Libby said...

ADORABLE. I love Bostons. Wish I had one, but for now, my two furbabies will have to do.

Dana said...

ooohhhh!!! Such a cutey!!!