Saturday, 29 September 2007

Thrift store finds

I went shopping with my sister to Value Village today - here is what I found:

These two framed petite points - they will go one above the other on the narrow wall with my light switch in my office/sewing room. I love the frames these are in! They were $4.99 each.

Close ups of petite point

UPDATE: picture of the the petite points on my newly painted sewing room wall!

This blouse is not my size - however, I LOVE the fabric. I am not sure what I will do with it yet, but I will take it apart and use it for something wonderful. I would love to get a nice wood back chair, paint it cream and cover the seat with this. Or I was thinking to cover a box and make a keepsake box. It was $7.99 but I had to have it!
Close up of the fabric, buttons and trim - it is SO beautiful!
A couple 100% cotton napkins that I will use in quilting. 99 cents for both.

A thick warm soft sweater for me - have to keep the temp down this winter to save on the utility bill - bigger house, bigger bill. This will keep me nice and warm. $9.99 I wish you could feel how soft it is - and it is definitely warm - I was sweating just to get the picture taken.

Close up of the leaf buttons and the multi-coloured yarn.
After value village we hit Wal-Mart for a few sale items. I got the following fabrics for $5/metre.

This one was in the clearance bin for $1.97/metre.

Now I have to get busy making stuff with these. My sister thinks I am addicted to fabrics - hey it's cheaper than drugs right? :)

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

My cross-stitch projects - finished and not

About a year before I even started trying to get pregnant - I started this baby afghan. It has a series of teddy bear blocks - you can later add the dates (in the gaps in the boarders) that the baby accomplished each event.

My son is 10 yrs old and this is not finished LOL - I guess it will be for my grandchild :)

Christmas ornaments that I have been working on (on and off) for at least 5 yrs. Whenever the mood strikes. I have two of each pattern completed.

And here is what they will look like finished.
This Footprint cross-stitch was done for my sister at least 8 yrs ago - it has been finished a long time but never framed. I meant to get it done for her birthday last week but with the move -I got sidetracked - I will get it done for Christmas.
Here are some petit point kits I have done or started.
This one is complete.


This what is will look like when done.This one is complete.
I haven't started this one yet.
These are a set of 4 placemats I started years ago - the boarder continues all the way around.

Picture on the front of the kit - what thye will eventually look like.

More basement reno pics

DH checking out what has been done while he was at work.

Partial view of the office area - it also includes the breaker panel as you can see. Doors will be installed to hide it.

View from the office down the hall into the dinign area - nice shot of DH's arm.
Hard to see it - but this will be the linen closet.
Kitchen/dining area
View down the hall from the kitchen area - 1st door on the right is the utility room, then the bathroom, then the linen closet and at the back is the office.
Bathroom again - where the toilet will go

Closet in master bedroom