Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Kitchen tip Tuesday - Yummy Fruit Salad

I like to make my own fruit salad but at this time of year, the fruit isn't always as sweet as I would like.

So I add honey and a touch of lemon juice.

Kim's fruit salad

Strawberries - sliced,
grapes - halved,
pineapple - chunks (fresh not tinned)

This is just what I usually add - you can add any fruit you like really.

Once I wash and cut up all the fruit, I add a tbsp or two (depending on how much fruit you have) of honey and about a tsp of lemon juice (bottled is fine). Experiment to see how you like it.

Mix it up and enjoy. I usually make this fresh and eat it immediately so I can't say how it stores in the fridge.

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Monica said...

Sounds great! I'm looking forward to summer salads and grilling!

mommanator said...

Great idea thanks!