Friday, 4 April 2008

Look look what I got!

Look, look, look!

I received my tote from my swap buddy Vickie today.

When I was paired up with Vickie and we started corresponding via email, Vickie told me she doesn't sew much - look at the amazing job she did!

And we even picked similar fabrics for each other's totes.
You can see the one I made her here.

Check out the cool fabric inside!

And just look at all the yummy stuff she included!

A Saltscape magazine (from her side of Canada), a lil handmade pouch with beach glass, rocks and shells, a bag of gummy Lifesaver candy (that my son wants to claim) and a large bag of organic French Roast coffee (my husband & I will really enjoy this!).

Thank you so much Vickie - I love it all!

P.S. I couldn't keep the candy monster away!
He promised to save me some though.

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Vickie LeBlanc said...

I am so happy you like it Kim. Actually this was my very first sewing project since high school. So please excuse the few little uneven seams. The candy was meant for your little one anyways :-) and the coffee for you and hubby - enjoy.

Isn't it so amazing how we picked out similar fabrics for each other's totes.

My tote is still hanging on the cabinet in the kitchen where I can see it often... and the chocolate, well let's just say half is gone already.